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I also happened to find some cool links I stumbled upon some time ago.

Dreamers of the Day
Oh hello, new blog!

My name is Julia and I will conduct mental examinations of myself every day in the name of Artistic Development.
Seriously though. This LJ, although happily existing for a few years now, will now be utilized for:
  • Reflection on work
  • Mental breakthroughs
  • Ramblings related to illustration
  • Career planning

So, today was the nth day of battling 3Ds Max. I'm looking through "making of" videos of one of my favourite video games and picking up on 3D animation info.
Today's lecture was about animation in 3Ds Max so it kinda clicks there. Funnily enough I don't really feel like I'm behind on much which is quite frankly a first for me. HOWEVER, I don't want to be running in front of a train with this bold statement just yet.

I am guessing though that I will very soon be able to add "3D design" to my list of artistic/illustrative abilities.

Honestly, I'm loving it.


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