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Oh Italian, you amuse me.
wtf?! craaash!
My glorious experience in Italy so far?
Like crashing into someone's living room after an epic fight scene on the roof. Everyone is sitting comfortably on their butt, watching TV with their family and you just landed in front of them, still in your own fight, in your own thoughts.
Let's set the scene somewhere foreign to make things more awkward.
You have a choice of smiling, brushing off the wall dust and walking away like a true Hollywood hero, carrying on with your objective. Or you could realise that you just fell through a friggen' roof and probably broke your clavicle, if nothing else, have no knowledge of the language to ask for help and probably lost that fight.

That's what coming to Italy, to an Italian University with no prior knowledge of the Italian language feels like right now.
I like to aim for Hollywood heroism, so I'll wave my arms frantically and say sorry in every language I know, then laugh at the situation. (I am currently imagining an Indiana Jones/Nathan Drake kind of character here)
Let's give this some context, then. A Hollywood kind of flashback, perhaps!

Gloomy Day in the end of 2011. Coventry University lecture room, Coventry, United Kingdom.

Our lecturer tells us a guest speaker is coming to screw with our minds a little bit. That's cool. That's cool.
The guest speaker comes in with all these wonderful images of students on student exchange programs. India, Canada, America, South America, China, Italy. Then this presenter tells us the experience is entirely free. Not only is it free, we get paid while being there and upon return! We remain registered with Coventry and we are free-roaming in our university of choice.
My first reaction was "OMGAMERICAYESPLEASE" but, turns out you actually have to pay for the American university. The reason I never applied to the US to begin with was money, why start now. So we checked what else was on the menu.
Looking outside that dark and gloomy window the answer was clear.

Back to the present.

Aside from being completely unprepared for today's clash of the language barrier I have spent the entire week with my boyfriend drinking delicious coffee on every corner (whether I need it or not) and going and midnight gelato runs across the city. Today we were eating ice-cream in the soft afternoon sun on the steps of a park. It's a great experience and 90 per cent of the people we have thus encountered speak some basic English or understand me enough to smile.
Tom has previously learned French, so he is finding Italian easier to understand than I am, yet even with my lizard brain (stole that one from last night's Dexter) I compute certain words and put them to logical context. Tom claims to do the same.
When we arrived we got directed to intensive Italian courses starting tomorrow morning. I am very excited and terrified at starting them, but that's just me and my insecurity, all is right with the world.


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i likes your pictures :)

Thank you, sweetie! You're always the first and last to comment on anything! Haha I love you.

Awws, I always want my friends to know how awesome they are ♥!

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