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Dreamers of the Day
It's that gorgeous season again! No, not autumn. Moving season!

Every couple of months (which thankfully, usually coincides with my studies and general lifestyle (and I will do anything to keep it that way forever)) I get restless. I need to get out and travel. No matter how occupied I am at the time, every three to four months I get struck by a need to change the scenery. Depending on where I am the restlessness will sometimes arrive sooner, but never later.

That's not to say that I don't get used to places or people! I get really attached to small things like... plants. I had this gorgeous almond tree outside my Limassol window for as long as I remember, it would always bloom so beautifully when spring was hanging around, this year I came back to see a new road there, saddest part is nobody really uses the road either. Nevertheless, a burning desire to make friends with new trees in new towns is stronger than my mourning for the old almond tree.

Last Wednesday I had about 2 or 3 hours of sleep (for various reasons HRM MEGAN), the next morning I recognised that I'm still full of a familiar energy, I'm once again manic with the desire to get a move on!! I need to get out! I need to see more! I called my father in Ukraine and demanded to know everything about all my Jewish relatives who scattered themselves all over the globe. "Why are you asking?" Dad enquired after explaining the locations of the closest cousins. "I remembered someone was in South Africa. We also have someone in Canada, right? And [Uncle from father's side] frequents China quite a bit..." "I see where this is going." The family kinda gave up on me after I fucked off to Japan soon after graduation with two transits on the way and loved staying in the airport for 12 hours with a friend.

I have a terrible habit of sleeping in airports just to catch a train in the morning and enjoy some more of the journey instead of asking friends to pick me up with a car. There is a wonderful and twisted romance to the "having a sore neck from dosing off on a airport bench" and "talking to other travellers on an air plane/train/previously mentioned bench", I love being tired after a journey, I get high off sleep deprivation and this kind of adventure. Whether I'm with someone or alone, it's always fantastic.

I believe it stems from two reasons for this.
1: My mother and I started travelling/moving countries when I was 2 years old. Before that there was a lot of moving around the city. As a child you tend to see adventure in every new location, whether it is a castle or a trench, and so I would be constantly tired but forever curious about what waits around the corner. The process of travel was fun too, everyone was always busying themselves with packing only hours before leaving! I thought my mom was nuts, she was risking forgetting all my toys, you see. However, the feeling, the liveliness of our otherwise lazy household would spring up and it felt like it was Christmas. That wonderful feeling and the pure habit of changing the scenery a couple of times a year, never really having an exactly same house to come back to except my grandparents'. It stayed that way until we finally bought an apartment in Limassol when I was 6. Even then, we'd still travel three times a year.

2: Being an only child with an over-active imagination and a lot of time and space to think and a grandfather who taught me wisdoms by the river since I started fishing (I must have been around 3 when he first let me deal with hooks, before that I'd just sit next to him), I was a very smart kid (up until recently). I had reached a mid-life crisis by the age of 7 when I realised that my perception of days and time is screwing itself up every year. I thought about how school years seemed to become shorter and shorter and nothing was really happening! I was in school for only about half a waking day or less! I started panicking and crying about how horrifying it is that my grandparents will get old(er) and even die some day, I need to spend as much time with them as possible and help them around the garden more. Since then, every birthday would be a mournful event of great significance and tragedy that I haven't become the next catwoman, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Lara Croft or Steve Irwin yet... YET. There seemed to be so much to do, learn, master and become! And I, at the crippling age of 8 have not achieved anything.
These epiphanies still get to me, and they are still devastating little breakdowns that give me a kick in the butt.

All these feelings and habits stayed that way.
Now, let's add that one of the recurring things in most counties were Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, jeez even the world news would remind me that there are so many countries to see and so much food to try and sooooo many animals to harass with my LOVE.

I went to many international schools and never learned how to discriminate correctly because all my classmates were human. Funny, isn't it? Two kids from one country, one could be a complete dick, the other my close friend... hrm.

Combine all that and you have a person who will sell her kidney to go for a cross-Asia trip and then perhaps happily sell a brain to go to see South American temples.

As a complete side note, yours truly helped at a beach cleaning event yesterday! Which is funny because I'm currently gathering lot's of data and footage about how messy Cyprus beaches are for the next topic of my post! Anyway, here's the short vlog, enjoy whilst being appalled.


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