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Healthy Lifestyle or "how I learned to stop trying to force myself to drink tea"
Flower Power!

Oh don't we all want to be healthy!
Or at least, I know I do. So day after day I watch work out videos, attempt to follow, think about eating healthy now and again. Today I decided I should kick my coffee habit and try drink tea in the morning and throughout the day.
I brewed myself a lovely glass pot of green tea and sat down in the office to start describing the gorgeous lime tones in the mixture. I took a sip and spat it out into the cup. I then poured out the entire contents into the toilet and returned to the kitchen to make myself coffee. When I sat down with the coffee, I felt offended! Betrayed by the lifestyle that I continuously try to embrace and like a moody feline it scratches me and walks off with its tail in the air with a lovely view of its asshole.
One would argue that I need to learn how to brew tea properly. Fair enough, but I will answer, I'm really not that fucked most of the time. Perhaps I should stick to coffees (which are really not that bad, problem is that it's 4 cups of instant coffee I consume in a day) and smoothies and water and stuff?

Track back. Why do I even care?
Here's why, at a tender age of 11, due to severe bullying I was hospitalised and put to intensive care with PEPTIC ULCERS. It's an unpleasant habit of your stomach acid to over produce itself and basically damage stomach walls until it can make holes and escape to burn the rest of your organs resulting in a slow, painful death. the first stages of damage are painful to begin with when the mucus on your stomach walls starts running thin, and burning up, then I was at the stage where I had areas that were bleeding inside, but thankfully, nothing broke through completely. In my case the ulcers were stress related, but to recover I had to go through most painful trails. I'm not just talking about acid burning my insides (although there was enough of that too). I'm talking about the bland diets and all that good stuff to keep stomach acid low. Doctors said I need to avoid stress and eat plain foods that are easy on the belly (there was no medication in Ukraine at the time, nobody had heard of omeprazole). Steamed meat and veggies and stay off the high acid fruits. And avoid exercise. Easier said than done. As soon as I got better physically I returned to school and to my retarded diet of junk snacks and heavy Russian cuisine made by my... uh... nanny? (A woman who used to take care of the house and cook for me because my parents weren't around) I had many a relapses after that, incident, mainly because of stress, but also because I would never prevent it from early stages by eating right. I also did contemporary ballet, gymnastics and all sorts of other movement I was advised against.

Now here I am, 10 years and 5 hospitalisations later still trying to improve my eating ethics, not giving up on fitness (although there are billions of reasons I really should). Now I am medicated. Over my last two relapses in UK and Cyprus the doctors forced me to stay on life-long medication. At first I resisted, but it's been almost a year and I feel safer. I can actually control what I eat and my daily routines. Yet, still, that nagging feeling of disliking something "healthy" and feeling like nature forced me onto this path, out of habit I still get offended. I need all my wrong fats and heavy carbs.

Then there's Megan the Rare South American Fruit Bat. A girl who's ever-faltering health makes me want to punch myself in the face for ever complaining. I will not go into too much detail about all of her health, but she is actually allergic to a fuckton of nuts BESIDE peanuts (which is honest mockery because they are the most popular allergen/offender, hence avoided and replaced by other nuts in some foods), then there's the gluten intolerance which manifested out of the blue and is plain inconvenient and painful but doesn't kill her. Sometimes I try gluten free foods that I want to share with her only to find many nuts to replace the flour. Which is sad. Megan suspects she simply ignored the gluten-intolerance until recently because he mother is South American and didn't cook much with anything other than cornflour and beans to begin with.
"It's no real problem. I'm a Fruit Bat anyway." She says sometimes. She lives on goddamn fruits and smoothies and never complains about the lack of gluten. Okay, she misses doughnuts and is ready to go through pain once a year for one. Once a year, people, once a year. DOUGHNUT.
Now that's a person who got fucked by nature and its nutrition and lifestyle laws, but saved by her unusual (for our day and age) tastes. She prefers a fruit smoothie for breakfast than my muffins and cupcakes and feels and looks beautiful. The girl has most gorgeous skin and teeth you have ever seen. It's also fun to bring house gifts to her place because you can always drag yourself to the market and get some exotic fruits and try them together.

So, here's picky me, with such a simple(ish) way around a lot of problems, and the Fruit Bat who really hasn't got much choice but embraces the lifestyle as a treat. A person truly forced into thinking twice before she eats anything.

I think I'm going to make myself some fresh brewed coffee and go buy fruits later, who's with me?


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